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Top Ten Reasons You Should Professionally Stage Your Home

Top Ten Reasons You Should Professionally Stage Your Home

1 You Will Make More Money

According to studies shown, the average staging investment is between 1 and 3 percent of the home’s asking price, which generates a higher return of 8 to 10 percent!

2 Your House Will Sell Faster !

Most Property owners and agents will concur that the longer a home stays on the market, the lower the selling price it will fetch. Homes that sold in the first 4 weeks averaged 1% more than the list price; 4 to 12 weeks averaged 5% less; 13 to 24 weeks averaged 6.4% less; than list price;and 24 weeks averaged more than 10% less than list price.

3 The Cost of Staging is not that expensive. 

Charges for staging apartments from $900 to $1,000 per eight-hour day, depending on the complexity and number of professional organisers required. This covers professional recommendations, hands-on de-cluttering and re-organising of room layouts and decor, sourcing for custom items and getting quotations for specialists in electrical, plumbing, painting and gardening. However what we discovered that home staging typically provides a 586% return on investment! (USA)

4 Most Home Sellers Cannot View Their House Objectively

Due to certain emotional reasons, most owners are not able to view their properties objectively. This will greatly affect the way how you market your house either on renal or resale market. If you can’t see objectively, you can’t “package” and sell it effectively. Have an staging professional to get your home into its most advantageous condition for showing.

5. Professionally taken photos showing your staged property online will stand-out amongst the competition

More than 90% of buyers or renters search for homes online first before deciding to visit. What normally attract them to your property will be the pictures that are displayed. Give your property a unfair advantage over your competitors and drive traffic and visitors to your listings !

6 Only 10% of Home buyers  and renters  can visualise the Potential of a Home

That’s why staging a home is critical! You don’t want the advantages of your home overlooked and left up to the buyer’s imagination. A home properly staged will show case the property in the most optimum condition.

7.  The Longer Your Home is on the Market, the Lower the Price Will Be, so STAGE FIRST!

According to a National Association of Realtors survey, homes that sold after 4 weeks on the market sold for 6% less then ones within the first 4 weeks! Don’t be in a position where you have to lower your price…have your house staged!

8. Leaving Your House in “AS IS” Condition Will Only Help to increase your Competition

By having a property in a original condition , without any form of refurbishment or home staging, will no doubt put your property in a very undesirable scenario. Your competitors with properties which are professionally staged and nice photos taken of them will have an edge over you and sell faster and at a higher price too !

9 You Can Relax

Once you know that , after getting your property in its best condition on the best vacation rental websites and best property manager on board , you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have done absolutely everything possible to achieve the most of your valuable asset and for top dollar!

10. Finally, It just makes sense!!

Look at the Before and After picture and just ask yourself: If I were a buyer or renter, which house would I prefer to live in? Which house “grabs” my attention and which one look just “normal”? Which house would I pay more for?

Wish to know more about how Home Staging can increase your occupancy of your property and maximise your income on vacation rental portals? Talk to us now and see how can we help you !