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Why Is Responding To Every Single Airbnb Review So Important?

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If you have been hosting your property on Airbnb for awhile by now, you would have noticed the number of queries and questions asked by guests.  Even when much of the information has already been displayed in the location and space information.

The 2 most important sections of your listings in Airbnb that attract the most eyeballs will be your photos and the reviews section. Due to the short attention span of internet users nowadays, savvy Airbnb users will straightaway focus on what are the most important to them.

Users are first attracted by the aesthetic aspects of the property, so that they can mentally visualise staying inside for that few days and imagine how it will turn out.

There after, by focusing on the Reviews section, users and potential guests can easily find out and even scrutinise the listing and able to ascertain certain facts or issues from verified guests that have stayed at the property before.  Therefore it makes the Reviews section the all important section that no Airbnb host can afford to ignore.

By promptly responding to every single review , be it positive or negative , will tell many others that this is a hands on host that take every single review seriously.

One major mistake most hosts made, was to get too personal , when they received a lousy review. For example, trying to push the blame back to guests or denying responsibility. In times when a bad review is being received, the host must always be prepared to apologise and offer ways to compensate the guests, i.e offering a voucher or discount for their next stays. By undertaking a professional approach on handling bad reviews on Airbnb , this will show potential guests that this is a truly professional Airbnb host that will try to make their stay as comfortable and hassle free.

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  • By GuestHost
  • October 3, 2017