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Expand Your Marketing Reach

You are probably listing your properties on a few vacation rental portals like AirBnb yourself. And also getting some guests from it at the same time. Then why bother letting us to handle your listing. However we believe that you would have experienced things like , low occupancy for most parts of the period, getting low rentals , massive competition from properties in your neighbourhood.  We will mitigate the above by maximising  your property occupancy by listing it on a few reputable & effective portals, structuring the pricing,  professional photography and home staging etc. 

The most important task here is to get the maximum exposure that your property deserves.

Handling Guest Enquiries 

You are probably working full time in a job or running your business , or perhaps a full time house wife busy taking care of your household chores and your kids. With your property placed in a vacation rental portal, you may experience having difficulties in handling guests’ enquiries that may come in from time to time, and even at odd hours of the day. In order to possibly obtain that booking for your property,  you will need to respond as quickly as possible. You may also not be familiar with your neighbourhood if you are a foreign investor. So this is where our professional customer service is key in helping you to alleviate this problem- handling your guests’ queries competently and in a speedy manner, in order to get that all important booking. 

Post Booking

Once a booking is confirmed, you need to inform the guest about how to access your property, via different methods either from the airport , bus station or ferry terminal. Depending on the exact location of your property and accessibility , it could be a rather complex process to get the message across. The last thing that you want is to get a bad review from your guests when they are not able to get to your location. With guests coming in from different locations of the world, everyone will have a different perception of understanding and getting to your property address. With your property in a few different rental portals, we will need to customise a detailed property access solution for every guest of yours. With our local specialised support,  we are bringing this solution to amateur hosts which are having problems with helping their guests with this.

Reviews management 

To most hosts, the biggest nightmare is to have plenty of bad reviews. Bad reviews are the result of poor and slow customer service and lousy guests handling and management. Of course once a while there will be one or two genuinely problematic guests.  Well, we are here to help with that. With our experience, we have handled all kind of guests from most parts of the world and are well equipped to manage them , even in the most undesirable situation.  With our emphasis on the perfect customer experience, we are aiming at close to 100% good reviews for all of your properties under our management. Remember bad reviews will cost you tons of guests and good revenue. 

So what now ?

The above is just a preview of a short summary of what Host My Guest can do for you and your property.

Not sure on how to proceed? Contact us today ! or simply just sign up here. 

Our friendly customer service team will keep in touch with you and go through the entire on-boarding process thoroughly. You will get your first guests from us in no time !