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Why Host Your Home On Airbnb ?

With the phenomenal rise of AirBnb and other short term vacation rental portals, there’s a huge increase of home owners and tenants putting their homes for extra income. Some even earning  up to 6 figures per property annually. 

Besides monetary benefits, there are also both tangible and non tangible benefits being an Airbnb host.

1.  Make more friends

With your home opened up to travellers from all over the world, you will get to meet more people and eventually making friends from the international community. As the saying goes, no man is a island

2. Obtain a different and wider perspective

When you are exposed to meeting people from all walks of life, your perspective on life generally gets wider , different and definitely better. Life is all about living and learning everyday. Being an Airbnb host will keep you on the right track on life.

3. Learn about another industry

If you are not in the hospitality industry, being an Airbnb host will expose you to all the intricacies of the hospitality trade. Be it customer service, language skills or financial management, all of these skills are life long skills that will stay with you , if you know how to learn and integrate into your life and business.

4. Financial Benefits

Lastly , also the most important, having the extra money allows you to engage in several life pursuits and indulgences. You can learn to take up a hobby, go for holidays with your family or even buy a new home ! The list goes on.

Are you sold on  the above ? Or not sure on how you want to list and share your home on Airbnb and capitalise on the massive income your home can bring you?

Contact us today and we will let you know how we can help you !