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How To Attract Repeat Guests To Your AirBnb?

If you are currently hosting your home on Airbnb or any other short term vacation rental portals, you will realise how intense the competition is.  In a relatively small neighbourhood , you could be facing tons of competition in  the tens or even hundreds.

One of the ways to ensure maximum occupancy of your property, is to always attract and keep repeat guests coming back again. and again. So how do we do that?

1.    Easy, Stress Free Check in

From our interactions with guests, one of the most important factors in choosing their accommodation, will be easy Check in. Imagine after a long flight or drive, and you will not be able to locate your property and to find the way to check into the premises in the fastest way., i can’t further emphasise how important a smooth check in experience is for guests.  A detailed map including precise instructions in accessing your property is integral to the whole checking in process. Such instructions should also include ways in retrieving keys , lockbox password , connection to wifi etc.

2.   Timely and easy communication

It’s essential that hosts remain in close touch with their guests, before ,after and throughout the entire stay. The period leading to the start of the first day of the booking is extremely important, as most guests will definitely contact the hosts for additional check in information, especially for first time Airbnb users.

3.      Cleanliness

Besides ensuring that all bedsheets and towels are kept clean, the rest of the property must also be kept in tip top condition. Common complains that we often hear are,  dust on table , air conditioner remote controls,  cockroaches , lizards, and bad smells. The above will not only leave bad reviews from your guests, and also definitely not encourage guests to come back again.

4.     Supplies

Supplies like shower gel , shampoo and toilet paper must always be replenished. Even if the containers hold less than half are not acceptable too. Imagine checking into a hotel with all these less than half filled, will definitely leave a poor impression on the hotels or your properties.

5.     Providing a local guide book

Having a personalised guest guidebook will definitely helps in making your guests stay a fruitful and satisfying one. Instead of having to surf online for next travel tips in your city for the best dining, entertainment venues and transport information, one just have to rely on your guide book that should have been already emailed to your guests and uploaded into their mobile devices. Doing so , will even make you a more professional host, differentiating yourself from rest of competition!

6.    Always be willing to help !

Some hosts are not really helpful if guests ask for help. As a traveller , it’s often very frustrating not to get ready help when there’s a need. As a responsible host , be always ready to help. Even if it’s beyond your ability , always be prepared to offer alternative sources of help.

Not sure on how to attract repeat guests to your Airbnb? Contact us today, our customer service team is always ready to help!