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How to attract Business Travellers Guests for your Airbnb ?


With the launch of AirBnb Business Travel Ready , and with the skyrocketing of business travellers using Airbnb, It makes a lot of sense and urgency that your homes are made ready for Business Travellers. So how can i ensure that my home is ready for Business Travellers now?

1. Strategic Location 

It is pretty critical that your home has to be located in a good area, preferably right smacked in city centre. So that it’s close to guests’ clients and vendors’ offices , conference facility or trade show and exhibition venues. Therefore properties located in town centre will always be able to ask for better rates.

2.  Essential Amenities.

a.   Reliable Fast Speed Internet- Besides spending time with clients and vendors, most business travellers will spend a lot of time in their Airbnb accommodation for their work preparation. A reliable and fast internet connection is a must.

b.    Comfortable armchair and table- Its always a good idea to dedicate a good quality study table and armchair for their work. Most guests tend to use dining table and chairs for such purposes. However in the event of serious business discussions and meetings that are conducted within the premises, this may not be a good idea.

c.     Printer & scanner- This is something that’s affordable and yet scarce in most Airbnb homes. In order to let your home stand out , especially for business travellers, this could be your winning chance to secure that all important booking ! Don’t scrimp on it. As printers and scanners can solve a lot of business travellers problems and also help to pint out boarding passes for their returning flights back !

d.      Power points with different adaptors- This is another basic essential , especially with business travellers from all over the world , equipped with multiple devices.

3.       Laundry Facilities

A washer and dryer or a 2 in 1 will be ideal , as it allows guests to have a fast turnaround for their laundry needs. An ironing board with iron will also be required to make that business suit and shirt wrinkle free.

4.        Value For Money Accommodation

In view of businesses world wide cutting costs, everyone is looking for value for money accommodation for their travels. That also explains the significant move from hotels to Airbnb. If your home is viewed as a value for money proposition , and  given all the amenities above, it definitely enhance the value of the home hence attracting more business travellers.

Given the various compelling reasons why all hosts should make their homes Airbnb Travel Ready Ready, its all a matter of putting in extra effort and time to ensure that, in order to increase your vacation rental occupancy and revenue today.

Not sure how to make your home Airbnb Business Travel Ready ?

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