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Why Airbnb is thriving in Malaysia ?

With a recent announcement from Airbnb on 18,000 active listings and with a 130% year on year growth in Malaysia and also a 231% growth in guests arrivals in Malaysia in 2016, this indicates a very thriving business not just for Airbnb and also hosts in Malaysia.

Why is Airbnb doing so well in Malaysia?

1. Established Tourism Epic Centre

Malaysia is an established tourism epic centre, with bustling cities like Penang which has a UNESCO world heritage George Town and also Malacca.  Malaysia has practically for everyone , bustling Kuala Lumpur for city and business travelers.  Penang , Malacca for heritage lovers. Kuching ( Sarawak ) and Kota Kinabalu ( Sabah ) in East Malaysia are no less attractive in enticing huge numbers of tourists from all over the world who prefer a less urbane environment.

2.  Kuala Lumpur is a established business hub

Kuala Lumpur , the capital city of Malaysia , is an established business hub in the region. It    has attracted numerous businesses from small startups, medium sized to multi national companies in setting headquarters and offices in the city.As a thriving business city , it adds many business travelers to the city.

3. Wide range of accommodation

Malaysia is one of the very few countries in the world that  is able to offer a wide a range of alternative accommodation via AirBnb at a very reasonable  price.

4. Relatively low cost for travel

Malaysia remains to be a country that attract both business and leisure travelers due to its  relatively low costs of accommodation , food , entertainment and other related costs. Due to   a weak ringgit, recently it has also became an attractive country for medical tourism.

5. Introduction of Tourism Tax for Hotels 

With the introduction of Tourism Tax for hotels, many travelers and guests will be more inclined to  stay with Airbnb and given the fact that it has already proven to be a much cost competitive model compared to staying in hotels.

With the above many factors , many local and even foreign home owners have joined in the home sharing craze, hoping to benefit from it.

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