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What is AirBnb Business Travel Ready and why should i get it ready?

With the launch of AirBnb Business Travel Ready in late 2015, there had been a rise of business travellers booking their travel accommodation via Airbnb. So what is Airbnb Business Travel Ready and why should we ensure that your property is ready for it? 

Why business travelers are important for your property?

Due to rise in business costs worldwide , many businesses have been thinking of all ways to cut their overheads and reduce costs considerably. Travel costs for staff have always been one of the largest costs incurred for every business. More business travelers are also more savvy and keen to try out more unique and alternative accommodation for their trips now and for the larger space they are getting, it also represent huge savings for their companies . A small tiny hotel suite may no longer may the ideal accommodation option.

Business Travelers usually have better budget. 

Business guests usually have better travel and accommodation budget , compared to leisure travellers.  For the benefit of staying in a better location where they have better access to their clients and vendors, most are willing to pay more. Companies also realise the massive savings when booking Airbnb , instead of hotels, especially for team travel. 

Businesses Travelers usually stay for longer periods. 

Due to nature of their travels, most business guests stay for a longer period, compared to holiday makers. Most will wish to conclude a business transaction or staying in a particular city for a project that may last for weeks or even months. Most Airbnb properties target leisure travellers , so there will be long off peak periods where you witness low or zero bookings. By focusing on business travellers will not only help to pull up your occupancy during these periods but also boost your monthly income considerably.

Business Travellers are likely to take better care of your property 

As compared to the typical leisure traveller who may come in with their kids and entire family,  business travellers are likely to take better care of your property as the general focus will be their work and business , and if your property is doubled up as a meeting space for clients and associates, it will definitely be well taken care of, as they have a corporate image to uphold. 

Business Travellers are likely to be repeat customers

As business travelers tend to make repeat trips to the city of their interest, the likelihood of them booking your same premises again will be very high. Provided that you managed to obtain a 5 star review from them. On top of that,  this will be subjected to compatibility of your property to them and their business , in terms of location, residential type, cleanliness and many other factors , of course your property has to be Airbnb Business Travel Ready. 

How do you attract business travelers?

How do you get your Airbnb ‘Business Travel Ready ” and start opening for business travelers? All Business Travel Ready listings must be an entire home or apartment and the correct property type The listing must be non-smoking and there must be no pets. Check out on Airbnb on the entire full list of criteria. 

  1.  Minimum 3 star rated reviews
  2.  90% Fast responsive replies to booking requests within 24 hours.
  3.  7 days cancellation commitment to reservations.

What do you need in your AirBnb:

  • Wireless Internet
  • A laptop-friendly workspace
  • Self check-in (this includes a key lockbox, doorman, keypad, or smartlock)
  • A smoke detector
  • A carbon monoxide detector
  • Essentials (toilet paper, clean towels, and fresh linens)
  • An iron
  • Hangers
  • A hair dryer
  • Shampoo


Is your property good  for Airbnb Business Travel Ready ? Not sure how do it?

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