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10 Reasons Why AirBnb is better than Hotels

10 reasons why staying at AirBnB is better than hotels

We understand that this is a argument that will happen forever. However recent studies have revealed that Airbnb meteoric growth has reached 353 times since 5 years ago.

At Host My Guest , we have acquired more knowledge and experience that staying at Airbnb is also definitely a much wiser choice. Below is why:

1. Costs

For a group of 4 to 5 , say a family. With AirBnb, you are able to accommodate all of them under one roof in a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment. Compared to a hotel , you are only able to accommodate 2 per room.  So you may have to book 2 hotel rooms to accommodate the entire family. On that aspect , you are able to make savings close to 20 to 30%.

2. Location

With AirBnb, you have a wider range of locations to choose from in a city. Compared to hotels which are normally located in or near to city centre.

3. Wifi

Its common knowledge that whenever we use wifi in the hotels, we need to constantly log in and out due to IP security protocols. However this does not apply in a residential AirBnb property. Once you are logged in, you will forever be logged in, even for your next trip many months down the road as long as you are staying in the same property !

4. Space

For an accommodation of 2 persons, in a hotel room, the maximum amount of space you can probably get is around 300 to 400 soft which includes a en suite bathroom. On the other hand, in a Airbnb property, you not only get the bedroom, but also a full sized kitchen, living area, or perhaps an balcony , plus one or even 2 proper bedroom !

5. Checking in / out flexibility

Most AirBnb properties have generous checking and out policies compared to hotels which the most give you an hour later to check out.

6. Facilities

In many hotels, most guests will often encounter the problem of over crowded facilities with holiday makers and business travellers. However the same problem does not happen in a AirBnb property where most of the residents could be out for work and daily tasks.

7. Flexibility in usage of space

There has been a fast growth of business travelers using AirBnb as their mode of accommodation in recent years. Besides costs savings, one of the reasons that was hugely attributed to the highly flexible usage of the space provided in the AirBnb property. Excess space in living room and study room can be doubled up as interim office and even a meeting room for the guests and their fellow co-workers. In hotels, you would probably need to book a meeting room at a high cost.

8. Property variety

In hotels, what you will experience, is the same old hotel suite with an attached bathroom. A balcony will probably be a bonus ! However in AirBnb properties, you can get to experience in staying in different types of properties with different kind of design and layout, ranging from a high rise apartment, exotic villa, a town house, a treehouse or even in a yacht ! The many types of properties on offer in AirBnb goes beyond one’s imagination. This greatly enhance a traveller experience, especially when the subject type of property is not available in their home countries.

9. Meeting the locals

In AirBnb, you may normally end up sharing a place with local residents. This lead to a exchange and interaction of ideas and you will probably learn more things about that city that you are in. This is something which can’t be achieved easily by staying in a hotel.

10. Human interaction

It’s always much warmer to be hosted by a actual person rather than to be greeted by a cold hotel reception which more often comes across that does nothing much except for processing your payment and reminding you on your check out timing. In fact , when you use Airbnb, its more of an experience rather than just staying in a property.

In all, the above benefits of using AirBnb outweigh the advantages of staying in a hotel clearly. For property owners, if you wish to know more about converting your home into a AirBnb or Vacation rental property, please contact us, and we will show you how easy and hassle free to do so !